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More commonly known as Olympic Handball or European Handball, this sport is vastly popular in Europe and South America, second only to soccer or "football". The best way to describe team handball if you’ve never seen it is “water polo on a court”. The rules shares similarities with a variety of other sports such as basketball, soccer, and hockey. Athletes who excel in basketball or volleyball turn out to be particularly good handball players because many of the skills are transferrable. Basketball players tend to have good cardio and ball handling skills, while volleyball or baseball players may have harder shots due to their spike/throwing experience. Players from other sport backgrounds such as rugby or hockey are generally better at embracing the physicality of defense. There’s something for everyone in a handball game!

It's no question that we love team handball here in Manitoba and hope to build the sport  right here in our backyard! Check out the video and diagram below for an even greater breakdown of team handball. Contact us if you’d like to learn how to get involved!

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